Knockout blows: lessons from my first time inside the ring

11 February 2018 06:00
My boxing session teaches me I may never be a boxerBefore my first boxing class, the trainer shows me how to wrap my hands safely. He loops the wrap over my thumb and across the back of my hand, wrapping it around my wrist three times before wrapping it around my knuckles three times. He looks at me and says: “You do the other hand.” I stare at his handiwork and panic. I can’t remember anything he’s done. I already feel intimidated being here. He laughs and wraps my other hand for me.“You’ll get it eventually,” he says. “But you should learn to do it. Protect your wrists.” He points at a wall of gloves and I pick some that look about right.I felt comfortable until this guy demanded I hit him harder Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian