‘People’s champion’ Tyson Fury evokes memories of Muhammad Ali era | Kevin Mitchell

03 December 2018 05:27
The Mancunian’s display against Deontay Wilder has complicated the immediate future of the heavyweight divisionWhen Tyson Fury got up from the canvas to finish like a wounded bull in the 12th round of his achingly unfair draw with Deontay Wilder in a faraway ring, he not only moved alongside his shocked opponent and Anthony Joshua as an unbeaten claimant to heavyweight supremacy. He single-handedly made the struggle with gloves a very human experience again. That makes him genuine box-office.Fury is no Muhammad Ali, but he revives memories of that era when charisma had a believable link to its classical roots: “a divinely conferred power or talent”, as the Oxford English Dictionary puts it. Pointing to the skies, Fury said later his belief in God was what made him rise from semi-consciousness and batter Wilder all the way to the final bell, securing his place at the top of the division with the previously awed American, and Joshua. Related: Tyson Fury comes out of Wilder contest a winner despite contested draw | Kevin Mitchell Related: Deontay Wilder retains WBC heavyweight title over Tyson Fury after split draw Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian