Roy Jones Jr is retiring 14 years too late – but in his own sweet time

01 February 2018 12:14
Perhaps a 49-year-old should be nowhere near a boxing ring but who are we to decide when someone else should retire?By Brent Hedtke for The Queensberry RulesShortly before his death in 2011, Christopher Hitchens said of his impending mortality: “It will happen to all of us. At some point you get tapped on the shoulder and told, not just that the party’s over, but slightly worse: the party’s going on – but you have to leave. And it’s going on without you.”This can be said not only about the end of our lives but the end of anything, really. Someone will take your job after you’ve been fired. The ska scene will still be around after your band breaks up. Your ironic adult kickball league will continue to thrive while you’re in jail. Someone will date your girlfriend after she finds your secret collection of erotic videos. It will all go on without you, in spite of – and in some cases, because of – your lack of involvement. And this is what makes it so hard to walk away. Related: Andre Ward, boxing's pound-for-pound world No1, announces shock retirement Related: Do these five retiring fighters deserve to be in boxing's Hall of Fame? Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian