What happens when a boxer loses his shot at glory and goes back to real life?

25 January 2019 03:51
A year ago Luke Jackson was preparing for the biggest night of his life. How does he recover after missing his one big chance?Luke Jackson calmly and politely pauses the interview. “Excuse me mate, I’ve just got to save a mother duck and all of her chicks,” he laughs. Jackson slows his car in suburban Hobart to shield the family as they cross the road. Seconds earlier, Jackson had been talking about a childhood that included drug abuse, self-harm and suicide attempts. The sudden conversation shift to saving fluffy ducklings provides a welcome respite for a fighter who has always lived a life of extremes.Hobart is a beautiful city on an island state that retains an atmosphere that is distinct to mainland Australia. Tourists flock to the city in Tasmania to revel in its majestic waterside views and sample the delicious fresh food in its famed Salamanca market. However, Jackson’s childhood in the suburb of Glenorchy does not easily reflect the glossy tourist brochures. Related: What I have learned from scoring 528 fights as a boxing judge | Karla Caputo Related: Football in the Canadian Arctic Continue reading. . read full article

Source: TheGuardian