McGuigan acclaims Taylor's

13 November 2017 05:24

Josh Taylor's "spectacular" stoppage win over Miguel Vazquez on Saturday night will make the boxing world take notice, according to promoter Barry McGuigan.

The 26-year-old from Prestonpans extended his winning record to 11-0 with a ferocious body shot in the ninth round which rendered the experienced Mexican unable to beat the count.

It was the first time that the 30-year-old former world champion had been stopped in 45 fights and around 4,000 fans raised the roof at the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh to acclaim the victory.

Taylor retained his WBC silver superlightweight title and manager McGuigan believes he made a "huge statement" with the win.

"It was a world class performance against a guy who had never been stopped before this kid, in his 11th fight, took him out," said the former world champion. "It was pretty spectacular.

"We are left with a problem really; where do we go from here? Nevertheless it is a very nice problem to have.

"With the greatest of respect to the British title I think that is a step back for Josh Taylor and why would you take a step back when we are so close to big things?

"After that performance he is number six in the WBC, number 11 in the IBF. We haven't canvassed the WBO and WBA yet but they will be looking at him after that performance.

"He wasn't perfect but he had to show his robustness and toughness and it was a spectacular finish.

"Nobody had done that before to that guy - and that is a huge statement."

Taylor sustained a cut above his left eye in a clash of heads in the second round and conceded that he had "gained a lot" from his encounter with wily Vazquez, a former IBF lightweight champion for more than four years.

He said: "He was very experienced. When I was hitting him cleanly he gave nothing away so I've learned a lot from that.

"I will take a few weeks off and I think I'd like to go for a European title first and then see what's happening after that.

"I will leave that to Barry and Shane (McGuigan, trainer) and see the road they want to take me on.

"Personally I'd love to fight for the Lonsdale belt, I think it's one of the most prestigious belts out there in the world.

"I'd love to get my hands on that eventually but I'll leave it to Barry and what he thinks is the best route.

"I'm confident in my own ability that I'm going to win a world title anway so I will leave it to him."

Source: PA