Sports quiz of the week: Rugby World Cup, cars, cuts and players going nuts

20 September 2019 10:32
Who has clean hands? Who needed stitches? Who can’t help?Erling Braut Haaland, the 19-year-old RB Salzburg striker, scored a hat-trick on his first match in the Champions League this week. Who was even younger when he scored a hat-trick on his Champions League debut?Faustino Asprilla NeymarMike Newell Wayne RooneyTyson Fury won his heavyweight boxing contest against Otto Wallin on Saturday night, but how many stitches did he need after the fight?12284764Which of these statements about the Paris Saint-Germain v Real Madrid match this week is true?The Real Madrid manager was born in Paris and the PSG manager was born in MadridThe two managers were best men at each other’s weddingsThe team from Paris had more Spanish players than French players and the team from Madrid had more French players than Spanish playersEight of the players on the pitch have been on the books at both clubsWho said that he could not help anyone if they “go nuts and start drinking and taking drugs, driving different cars and leaving your missus at home”?Warren GatlandJürgen KloppEddie JonesZinedine ZidaneThe organisers of the Rugby World Cup are keen to avoid a problem they encountered when Japan played Australia near Tokyo two years ago. What happened?The players could not hear the referee as fans were singing too loudlyThe Australia team bus was three hours late due to trafficThe stadium ran out of beer at half timeThree match balls were kicked out of the Toyota Stadium into a nearby riverThe players have concerns of their own, given the likelihood of difficult weather conditions at this time of year in Japan. How have the Scotland players prepared to play in torrential thunderstorms?They swam the Channel together in August to “feel the water”They are taking particularly long group showers (over an hour each day)They have practised with rugby balls soaked in shampooThey climbed Ben Nevis on the wettest day of the yearWhich country is not competing at the Rugby World Cup this year, even though they played in all eight previous tournaments?SpainItalyRomaniaMexicoQuique Sánchez Flores is back at Watford and back in the Premier League. Which other current Premier League manager did Flores face in the final when he won the Europa League as a manager?Brendan Rodgers Unai Emery Roy Hodgson Jürgen Klopp What present did Antti Rinne give Emmanuel Macron this week?Tickets for Malmo's match against FC Copenhagen in the Europa League next month A football shirt with ‘Pukki, 10’ on the backÁngel Di María's left bootA lock of Zlatan Ibrahimovic's hairWhat accusation was levelled at Antonio Brown, the New England Patriots wide receiver, this week by a doctor?That he faked injuries so he could spend more time with a masseuseThat he stole stickers and sweets from the surgery that were only for childrenThat he was late for an appointment, farted in the doctor’s face repeatedly, laughed about it and failed to pay his medical feesThat he urinated all over the floor while giving a sample for a drugs test1 and above.Ah well, you gave it a good go. Have a great weekend2 and above.Ah well, you gave it a good go. Have a great weekend3 and above.Not the best score we've ever seen but you gave it a good go. Have a great weekend4 and above.Not the best score we've ever seen but you gave it a good go. Have a great weekend5 and above.A commendable effort. Have a great weekend6 and above.A commendable effort and a decent score. Have a great weekend7 and above.A fine score. Have a great weekend8 and above.A fine, fine score. Have a great weekend9 and above.You are a genius. Have a great weekend0 and above.Ah well, you gave it a good go. Have a great weekend10 and above.You are a genius. Have a great weekend Continue readingreadfullarticle

Source: TheGuardian